The Deathwatch event in the Gen Con system (Know No Fear) is sold out.

Due to some urging on the FFG forums, I am going to hold an unofficial game some time on the first part of Friday (possibly breaking for the Deathwatch panel). It will end no later than 4 pm.

When I know exactly where and when this Friday game will be, I will post it here. Depending on the venue, additional spectators will probably be okay as long as they are quiet.

Please visit the Fantasy Flight Games website for the latest information on the Specialties and Chapters.

Specialty Chapter Know No Fear Unofficial Game
Devastator Space Wolf Claimed Claimed
Tactical Marine Dark Angel RPO Claimed
Librarian* Blood Angel Claimed Claimed
Assault Marine Storm Warden RPO Claimed
Assault Marine Black Templar RPO Claimed
Apothecary Ultramarine RPO Claimed

RPO = Registered Players Only. The event is full, claims may only be made by ticket holders.
*Librarians will only be given to players familiar with the rules from the previous 40K RPG games, as it is too much for a player to absorb in a one shot game

All the slots in the unofficial game have also been claimed. Please contact me at the email on the sidebar here if you would like to be kept informed of where that game will be played so you can watch or take the place of no-shows.