My story with this series and cels from it is a bit complex.  I saw episodes one and two shortly after they'd come out in Japan, unsubbed at an anime convention.  I was stunned by the artwork and immediately grabbed by the story.  But more than that, this was an amazing moment for me because I realized all my Japanese studying was paying off as  I was following the story without subtitles.  (It was the first unsubbed anime I'd watched in a very long time.)  None the less when cels from it first came out I decided not to collect, because everyone was making such a fuss over them and the inital prices were so high. (And taking FY as my reference point I had assumed they would only get worse)   Of course at this point I had still only seen episodes one and two.  Well as time went on people seemed to decide they didn't like it as well as FY, while as I, who finally began getting to watch more of the series, started to like it better.  But still I really didn't want yet another series to collect.  Ultimately I made a compromise with myself, deciding I would only collect cels from the first two episodes which are still my favorites and just give me a warm fuzzy feeling every time I watch them.







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