Vampire Princess Miyu Cels

It wasn't until I went to price these cels that I realized what a nice Miyu collection I have, and how many pieces I have that I love. I took a cel or two out of the for sale list, but mainly I stuck to my guns and priced them anyway.

Said prices were assigned according to how much I like them, and to how much it would take for me to let them go. In some cases, it's a hefty price tag. But it is honest, and easier on everyone than me putting them in the for offer section and forcing people to email to inquire when I do know how much I'd want to let go of it. So if something seems expensive, PLEASE DO NOT COMPLAIN. I am not forcing you to buy anything, right? I love these cels too.

The HANKEN is on page 2.

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$120 ON HOLD




$100 SOLD



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