Ordering and Terms of Sale

Please read the following before ordering:

SALE IS STILL NOT OPEN YET! I am waiting on my shipping supplies to get here, so once that happens I'll be able to start mailing things out. I expect the first mailing to be on 1/10, but that's tentative. Unless you're dying to pay now, just confirm the items and shipping, and when I know for sure when I can start shipping, I'll send you an email requesting payment. You'll have 7 days to pay from the time I send that email before the items come off hold.

Send your shipping address with your order as per the instructions. You are not "in line" for a cel until I get your address, because I can't calculate shipping without it.

Frankly, I do no expect anyone to be able to help with my wishlist, but if by some rare chance someone can, trades for said items will take priority over direct sales, until the point I receive payment for a cel. (Once you pay for it, it is yours.) Other than that, sales are first come, first served. If you can help me acquire one of the cels I am looking for, you will have my deepest thanks and generous credit towards anything in the sale or offer section here.

Method of payment is paypal (preferred) or money order only. Absolutely no personal checks.

I have a Monday to Friday 9-5 job that is not near a post office. This means I can only ship on Fridays and Saturdays. On rare ocassions I might be able to leave early enough on a week day to make it to the post office, but that is not to be expected. Please understand that when ordering.

I ship standard size cels between two layers of cardboard, and then that is placed inside a USPS box, with fragile and do not bend written on the box. If there is some other packing method you prefer, I will do my best to accommodate, but please let me know when you order.
Shipping method will be USPS priority mail for domestic orders, with tracking and insurance. There will also be a small materials cost. Shipping total will therefore be based on the value of your order. Oversize cels will cost extra for weight and materials. International shipping will be by EMS or Priority Mail International, buyer's choice.

All cels are in exactly the condition shown in the scans. Generally they are in good condition unless otherwise noted/shown. As is common with older cels, there may be some minor line fading. If you have ANY concerns about the condition of the cel, please ask for a larger scan before ordering. By ordering, you agree to buy the cel as is. No refunds.


Send an email with you name, shipping address, the URL of the item(s) you wish to purchase to: cels@aethel.net.
If I receive an order without the URL's I am going to send it back to you and ask that you include them. It helps me keep track and makes sure you get the cel you wanted.

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