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I'd wanted a cel from this scene for a long long time.  Truth be told I'd love a couple more.  Everything I mention on the main Ayashi no Ceres page as to why I love this series goes about triple for this scene with Aya's family.  It struck me on some frighteningly deep level.  Perhaps it just plays off a common fear of our loved ones turning against us.  At any rate I'd had an eye out for cels from this scene a long long time.  I finally got the one you see pictured in the main window while in Japan, at Commit in sun mall.  It however came backgroundless.  Then a few months later I saw the one to the right online at Asylum Anime.  Deciding I had to have that background from the same scene, I bought it and put its backgriound behind the first cel.  I would really love to get a cel of  Aya's father with the gun in his hand, or pointed at his head.