Cel # A1end

I picked this out via screencap as my favorite first arc Mikael shot outside of the intro, and lo and behold if Celga was not amazingly able to get it for me. (thank you guys!!)  His face is beautifully rendered, it comes with the matching unstuck background, you can see his outfit but it's still detailed, and he's holding the Chaos no Sho! This is Mikael from episode 13 as he looks at the fortune telling tent Baba has set up, just before going inside (which is a pretty eerie scene). But above and beyond that, this cel came with what has to be, not the most impressive, but certainly the most fascinating bonus material I've ever recieved.


On the left is a close up of the non blank portion of a drawing that was included with the cel, which was clearly meant to overlay/ be the prizes .  On the right is a close up of the ring toss as it was rendered on the background.  So was this drawing just a doodle an animator did because they were reminded of the prizes? Were they originally thinking about making the background different, or overlaying a cel layer but decided not to? (You can check the screencap to see that this set up isn't simply missing a layer.)  Either way it's very interesting to note the similarities between the drawing and what was actually drawn on the shelf.  The squid prize is even the right color.