Cel # A14

 One of the thing Ayashi no Ceres has going for it is that I actually like the main characters.  Some people say Touya doesn't have enough personality, but the dark brooding types, especially the ones who have "I'm not like other people" complexes and just need a girl to love them and show them it's okay.. really really appeal to me.  So at first I wasn't that crazy about him, but the more I saw, the more I liked him.  This particular cel also has a story to it.  It's original owner was Avery, and at the time she bought it I was still in my "not going to collect AnC at all" phase.  But when she showed it to the forum I was floored.  I thought it was hands down one of the nicest cels I'd ever seen.  Definitely the best of Touya.  I think I even made a comment at the time about it being the type of cel to tempt someone into collecting.  Eventually I made the decision to collect from episodes one and two only.  Then lo and behold if one day Avery didn't decide to sell this beauty (bless you Avery!), which it turned out was as he pushed Aya out of the tree in..episode two!  I took it as a sign, that the prettiest Touya cel I'd ever seen was from one of the episodes I was "allowing" myself to collect from.  And here it sits.. in my small Ayashi no Ceres gallery.  The only Touya cel I'll ever need.