Character Creation is standard per the books, with the following exceptions:

There are no random rolls.

You will assign the following numbers to your stats in whatever order you choose, as if you had rolled the following on your 2d10:
20, 19, 18, 15, 15, 15, 13, 12, 10

Hit Points: You may assume you rolled a 5 on your d5.

Fate Points: Use the chart below. (Origins in italics are from the Inquisitor's Handbook)

Home World Fate Points
Feral World 2
Hive World 2
Imperial World 2
Void Born 3
Forge World 2
Mind Cleansed 3
Noble 2
Schola Progenium 3

Optional: You may choose to turn one of your 2d10 statistic rolls of 15 into a 12. In exchange, you gain one additional fate point. (Yes, allowing some classes to have 4.) This option costs less for certain classes. Void Born and Imperial Worlders may do this by turning a 15 into 13. Mind Cleansed characters may do this by turning a 15 into a 14. You may only take this option once.

Divination: You may choose your divination from the table on page 34. After discussing your background, the GM may change the text of the divination to better suit your fate, but you can keep the mechanical effect you chose.

Sanctioning Side Effects (for psykers only) will be negotiated on a per character basis. Unlike Divinations, they will have both a positive and a negative game effect.

Starting XP: 400 (as standard per the rulebook)

Starting Wealth: Standard per p 29
At character creation ONLY, you may trade in any starting item you don't want for it's full cash value from the book, and spend the thrones on something else. This reflects that you never really bought said item, as it was not appropriate to you. I do not normally allow items to be traded in for anything close to full value. Your Inquisitor may also provide some sort of starting stipend, ask the GM.

You may purchase a background package from the Inquisitor's Handbook per the standard rules if desired. The entire book's contents including equipment is allowable for the game. If you do not have the Inquisitor's Handbook please do not ask me to look for things in it for you or type up/read you options, I just don't have the time. Get the supplement. It's worth it.

And the warp gazed back...