Tabletop Materials

Inquisitor models and writing have their own section (being one of my hobbies that produces the most materials). But between two groups, I play several other characters in a variety of genres, and some of those spawn some pseudo-artistic thought. I've been playing in my first group since I was fifteen, and frankly a lot of the artwork and writing I produced back then had few merits. What appears here is a somewhat ecclectic mix of what was available electronic, and what was actually worth displaying.

Note that when it comes to drawing, I an pretty talentless. So if you see poses copied from all possible sources, I won't deny it.

Star Wars: Seline
Zeltron Jedi. Like most of my later work, CG. I was trying for a comic book feel to this art, to match the various graphic novels which came out in the ep 1-3 era. This campaign is old republic era. The second picture features her old Master, Dagen. Not a good influence.

Anime: Akari Hoshino

AKA Sailor Andromeda. One of my earlier anime game characters. I had moved on from pencils, and was experimenting with markers at this stage, trying to get the more vibrant colors of anime. Main goal here was to draw someone who looked like X's Kotori in the school uniform from Vampire Miyu TV.

Anime: Mei Hijou
I believe my first CG picture ever, pretty much set me down that path.        Mei's alter ego has an ice theme, so you can see sharp lines to her hair, and subtle crystalline theme to her costume.        Mei had a somewhat obsessive involvement with her old club president.(Yes, looks like rival schools Kyousuke.) I made an attempt at a CG repeat of this picture, but it never came out as well as this marker original.        All good outer Senshi need a girlfriend. This character has never come up, as she's past life only, but here we have Sailor Acis, whose destroyed planet is now a ring around Neptune.        Mei got a more confident makeover when she returned to her old school.
AKA Sailor Galatea. During my first phases of CG experimentation. Not sure how Mei ended up with so much artwork. Mouseover pictures for more details. There were actually one or two more of her that never made the conversion from marker.
Higher res scan of the Mei & Kyousuke picture here

Warhammer Fantasy RP: Katja Wolfheart
Knight of the White Wolf
This was my first attempt at using a tablet to try to achieve a slightly more watercolor/ traditional fantasy effect. Possibly my favorite piece to date, this really captures my She-Wolf of Middenheim. Katja was written for the Paths of the Damned campaign, with a backstory tied to the Brotherhood of the Axe.

Space Game: Ky and crew
        Look, I didn't tell my cohorts to look like Nakago and Gex.
Kylindria. I did a lot of art work for this character/game, but all of it was pencil, and most of it either so-so or didn't scan well. The first picture here was actually done after I quit playing her. As a result, had a better scanner. The other shot is the best of the crew group pictures I did.

Forgotten Realms: Tiyra Ealoeth
gold elf, fey'ri sorta.
Just as tiefling traits can skip generations, not everyone of fey'ri heritage manifests it. I'm fairly pleased with this attempt to mimic the character portraits in D&D, but the lines are a bit thick.
There was a lot of detailing on the trim, viewable in the hi res version

broken senshi and a fallen angel
This pencil was the basis for a marker picture that never got scanned. I like it however, because it was a nice translation of concept to paper. Never did get Calypso's (bottom girl) arm quite right though.